Arturo Vidal

Midfield – FC Barcelona, Chilean national team

An atypical player, Arturo Vidal is an amazing teammate and a key member of a team. From Bayer Leverkusen to Juventus Turin and Bayern Munich, the Chilean rarely disappoints.

However, not everything in Arturo’s life has always been rosy.

Born and raised in one of Santiago’s poorest neighbourhoods, football was his escape and his only way out.

Asked by AFP on the sidelines of the Confederations Cup, his former Rodelindo coach, Arturo Olea, told an incredible anecdote: “He was nicknamed the’Earth Eater’ because he fell and played. He was even beaten up and kept going. He didn’t care if he was hurt or hurt.” (sources: ohmygoal)

This anecdote shows the determination that it takes in football to reach the highest level.

He is technical, fast, aggressive and able to score decisive goals.

Results :

Winner of the Copa America:
2015, 2016 (Chile)

Winner of the Italian Super Cup :
2012, 2013 (Juventus Turin)

Winner of the German Super Cup :
2016, 2017 (Bayern Munich)

Winner of the Spanish Super Cup :
2018 (FC Barcelona)

Italian Champion:
2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 (Juventus Turin)

German Champion:
2016, 2017, 2018 (Bayern Munich)

Spanish Champion:
2019 (FC Barcelona)

Winner of the Italian Cup:
2015 (Juventus Turin)

Winner of the German Cup:
2016 (Bayern Munich)

Winner of the Closing Tournament:
2006 (Colo-Colo)

Winner of the Opening Tournament:
2006 (Colo-Colo)

Finalist of the Confederations Cup:
2017 (Chile)

Finalist of the C1:
2015 (Juventus Turin)

Finalist of the Italian Cup:
2012 (Juventus Turin)

Finalist of the German Cup:
2009 (Bayer Leverkusen)

Finalist of the Spanish Cup:
2019 (FC Barcelona)

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