The concept

The concept

You have talent and think you’re the future star of football but you’ve never had the chance to get noticed; so join one of the Foot & Match teams and you will perhaps have the possibility of doing a try-out session at a professional club!

Join one of the 5 teams represented by our 5 professional players by sending in your best football video.

Each judge (professional player) of Foot & Match has agreed to join us in order to give back the chance he was given a few years ago.

On Foot & Match the public elects the best videos in each Team. Then each judge will choose the best player resulting from the public vote to do try-out sessions at a club.
The more “likes” you get on your video, the more you rise in the ranking of your team.
So share your video as much as possible on your social networks to have the chance to improve your position.

Foot & Match … Share your talent

The 2 categories of Foot and Match rankings:

1 monthly ranking by team: Match tickets, autographed jerseys, judges’ repost on social media, etc.

If you are among the top 5, every month you win tickets to matches, autographed jerseys, etc., and your videos will be reposted on social media by your judge (professional player).
To ensure equal opportunities, we open applications from the 1st to 15th of each month.
If you send your video after the 15th, it will be counted for the next month’s challenge and will only be uploaded on the 1st of the following month.

1 annual ranking (on whole season) per team: Try-out sessions at a professional club chosen by the judge of each team

At the end of the Foot & Match season and before the start of a new season; all the winners of each past month will be put in competition in their Team.

Players will have to send back to their judge the best video they have.

Each judge of each team will select the best player from the videos received to come and try out in a professional club chosen by the judge.

If the player is the best of 2 or more different teams, then it will be up to him to choose with which Judge and which club he wants to try out.


Why pay 5 euros per video?

Foot & Match requires a logistical structure that involves heavy running costs: technical team, servers, advertising, etc..
– 80% of the amount collected is used to cover these running costs. Without this contribution we could not exist.

– 20% goes to one or more charitable organizations. The professional players have all agreed to participate in Foot & Match voluntarily in return for a donation to one or more charitable organizations of their choosing.
You can also track the development of the amounts collected for each charity chosen on the judges’ presentation pages (put link).


Which videos to send?

You can send all types of videos that show your talents as football players; whether you are a centre forward, offensive or centre midfield, full or centre back, goalkeeper, etc.
However it is preferable to opt for videos of stages of games where we see you in action.
If the video shows a match, don’t hesitate to indicate on the title of your video which number/jersey you are wearing.
The video must be good quality otherwise it will be refused when uploading and it must not exceed 5 minutes.

In practice